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Registration involves two steps, both of which require submission of comprehensive documentation. The requirements are listed on the relevant pages:

The first is Entrepreneur's Memorandum (EM) Part I.
The second step after two years is EM-Part II.

Both EMs have to be filled properly and submitted to the Registration Section of DITC.

Acknowledgement for EM-Part I is issued within 10 minutes provided it is filed accurately and all documentation in place.

EM-Part II has to be filed within 2 years from starting business activity for which EM-Part I has been acknowledged. This is to confirm that the enterprise has installed machinery and equipment, has water and power supply, has gone into commercial production and has produced all necessary NOCs, Documents and clearances from the concerned authorities.

EM-Part I is invalidated if EM-Part II is not filed within the specified period.


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