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Welcome to Goa's Directorate of Industries, Trade & Commerce

The Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce (DITC) is responsible for the promotion, development and regulation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises/Industries within the State of Goa. Besides this, DITC also plays a key role in facilitating and coordinating activities related to industrial development. Goa was traditionally a rural economy with a strong mining base. Now Goa with many developments has slowly transformed into a fast growing industrial centre.

DITC is involved with policy planning, putting in place guidelines, an administrative framework and implementation of both State and Central Government sponsored schemes.

DITC's mission is to create economic growth through accelerated industrial development, working ceaselessly towards creating sustainable employment opportunities mainly for the people of Goa. To this end DITC actively encourages environmentally friendly industrial development, facilitating and synergizing the State and the private sector to create an environment in which existing industry can grow and expand and new industries can take root and prosper.

We provide aid, mentoring and various support systems to entrepreneurs. This website will provide all information, details of policies, schemes, registration procedures, citizen's charter, business directory, also an entire section on the classification of businesses that are encouraged in the State. We also provide contact details of DITC office bearers who will guide entrepreneurs who wish to set up units in the industrial or service sector and will also provide information about several schemes of the Government of Goa and the Government of India which are implemented through DITC.


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