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About Us

The Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce (DITC) is headed by: The Director, Industries, Trade and Commerce who is assisted by the General Manager (DIC), Assistant Director (Industries) and Assistant Director (Admn).

DITC is made up of the following sections:

Establishment Section - deals with administrative and logistics related to the Department and public grievances. Admin and logistics is headed by Assistant Director (Admn). The Director is the Public Grievances Officer. Redressal of Public Grievances is every Tuesday between 10.00am and 1.00pm.

Accounts Section - handles accounts matters related to the Department. It is headed by the Assistant Accounts Officer.

Planning & Statistics Section - deals with formulation of Annual Plans and Five-Year Plans. It prepares RE/BE on Plan Schemes and conducts monthly quarterly and yearly monitoring of plan expenditure. It collects statistics and production data from small scale industrial units in Goa. It handles work related to Right to Information Act. Conducts census and surveys of industries, prepares material for the Governor's Address, Budget Speech and Action Taken reports. It provides the annual Administrative Report and the Yearly Performance Budget. It provides explanatory memorandum on Demands of Grants related to the Department and provides information to interested parties regarding the industrial units registered with DITC.

Registration Section - is divided into North and South sections which are headed by Functional Manager (North) and Functional Manager (South) respectively. This section deals with receiving and acknowledging Part-I and Part-II of the Entrepreneurs Memorandum (EM) under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Act, 2006. For details on EM click Registration.

An applicant intending to set up any unit is required to file EM Part-I. Once the unit goes into production after obtaining the requisite documents, consents, statutory requirements etc, the applicant needs to file EM Part-II. DITC has devised a system at its facilitation centre to issue EM Part-I within 15 minutes if all documents are found in order. EM Part-II is issued within 3 days at the facilitation counter if all documents are found in order.

During the period 1/4/2008 to 31/5/2009 the department has issued 655 and 94 EM Part-I and EM Part-II respectively.

DITC strictly follows policy decisions taken by the Government of Goa regarding granting of permission to set up units. Red category industries, chemical industries, ferro and alloy units are not encouraged in the Industrial Estates.

High Powered Co-ordination Committee (HPCC) - caters to the infrastructural requirements of large industrial units whose investment in plant and machinery exceeds Rs 10 crore. It deals with all new approvals of large-scale units including those industrial units requiring substantial power, water, land and infrastructure and those prone to cause pollution have to seek specific approval from HPCC according to a prescribed format. Once the project is approved the unit has to be set up within a period of two years from the date of the approval letter from HPCC. The unit has to file its progress report in the HPCC progress report format. HPCC can withdraw its approval if the unit fails to implement its project within two years. For further details on registration of Large Scale Industries click on Registration.

New Scheme Section - implements various schemes formulated under the Goa Industrial Policy, 2003, and is headed by the Assistant Director (Industries) (tel: +91 0832 2222268). This is to ensure uniform and sustained growth, a protected environment and the creation of sustainable employment to local youth of the State. The schemes outlined are:

Capital Contribution Scheme 2008;
Share Capital to Local Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Schemes 2008;
Preferential Purchase Incentives for SSI Schemes 2008;
Interest Subsidy Scheme 2008;
Goa State Financial Incentives to Industries for Certification and Patenting Scheme 2008;
Incentives to Women Entrepreneurs Scheme 2008;
The Goa State Employment Subsidy Scheme 2008;
Incentives to Encourage Consumption of Local Raw material Scheme 2008;
Goa State Export Market Development Scheme 2008;

The validity of these schemes is extended up to March 2012. The Government of Goa has also notified a new Scheme called Goa Sick Industrial Units Revivial & Rehabilitation Scheme 2008 where a package of incentives is provided for the revival of sick units.

For detailed information click on New Schemes.

Subsidy Section - A large number of applications were pending under the Goa State Investment Subsidy Scheme, 1990. Although this scheme was discontinued by the Government w.e.f. 31/03/2003, the Department was in the process of clearing the pending cases and all the cases have now been cleared. DITC disbursed Rs 5,47,70,175/- to 59 units during the period of 01/04/2008 to 31/04/2009.

Development-I Section - This section is headed by the Assistant Director (Industries).
It deals with:
Issue of licenses for sale of lubricating oil and greases;
Grants/contribution to Handicraft Development Corporation;
Goa Youth Rojgar Yojana;
Subsidy for Clay Idol Makers;
Grants/Contribution to Khadi and Village Board;
Setting up of Special Economic Zones*;
Setting up of Industrial Parks;
Assistance for Development of Infrastructure;
Assistance to Food Processing Units;

* Status of SEZs: Government of Goa has taken a policy decision to do away with SEZ in present form. The Central Government is communicated to denotify the notified SEZs.

Development-II Section - deals with the following:
Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme Scheme;
Payment of Compensations to Village Panchayats and Municipal Councils for the Notified area;
Recovery and Liquidation of loans given to Industrial Units;
Rehabilitation of Sick Industries

Facilitation Counter - on the ground floor at the entrance of the DITC, Udyog Bhavan, Panaji, deals with selling of application forms and assisting entrepreneurs in filling the requisite forms, giving information regarding various schemes implemented by DITC. The Facilitation Counter also scrutinizes the application forms at the entry point itself.

For contact telephone numbers of department heads of DITC click Contact Us

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