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New Schemes for 2008 - 2012 Now Open

DITC offers and implements various schemes formulated under the Goa Industrial Policy, 2003. The Department offers incentives and interest free loans to entrepreneurs through simplified procedures. Applications are invited for new schemes of 2008 – 2012 which are listed below. Click on the scheme of your choice for greater detail.

Capital Contribution
Share Capital
Preferential Purchase Incentives
Interest Subsidy
Certification & Patenting
Women Entrepreneurs
Employment Subsidy
Consumption of Local Raw Material
Export Market Development

Capital Contribution Scheme 2008
The scheme envisages providing capital contribution to the existing functional units to venture out and expand. The scheme is designed to support local entrepreneurs, promote industrial units which venture out and develop special products, based on locally developed technology.

Share Capital to Local Entrepreneurs and Self Employed Scheme 2008
The main objective of this scheme is to encourage local youth, preferably of Goan origin, to start income generating activities and to encourage self-employment. Under this scheme, 50 percent interest free share capital contribution is provided to the beneficiaries of Chief Minister Rozgar Yojana, which is being implemented by the Economic Development Corporation for local youths to take up activities related to the industrial and self-employment opportunities, except, those which are falling under Red Category under the Industrial Policy and related to tobacco and liquor.

Preferential Purchase Incentives for Small Scale Industries Scheme 2008
The scheme is intended to encourage and give boost to Small Scale Industries Sector. Under this scheme, small scale units registered in the State of Goa are given special treatment in any tender floated by Government Departments or any purchases made by any Government Departments.

Interest Subsidy Scheme 2008
The scheme envisages providing subsidy to new and tiny units in manufacturing sector on interest payable by them. The main objectives of the schemes are:- a)To provide incentives to small industries for making their units financially viable. b)To promote industrial growth in the State and create an optimistic environment for small investors and local entrepreneurs to invest.

Goa State Financial Incentives to Industries for Certification & Patenting Scheme 2008
The scheme envisages encouraging the industrial units to obtain ISI certification and/or patent right on products and/or processes. Such units provide benchmark of excellence and serve as a model for others to emulate. Under the Scheme, a maximum subsidy of Rs 2 lakh per unit, once in a lifetime is given.

Incentives to Women Entrepreneurs Scheme 2008
In order to encourage the employment opportunities for women entrepreneurs, the Goa Industrial Policy envisages special incentives to women under various schemes.

The Goa State Employment Subsidy Scheme 2008
This subsidy is an innovative concept of supporting sustainable employment of local youth. The Scheme envisages providing subsidy to the industrial units, which have given 80 percent employment to the local youth.

Incentives to encourage Consumption of Local Raw Material Scheme 2008
The Scheme envisages encouraging consumption of locally produced raw materials by offering incentives, which is in the form of subsidy in power and water bills.

The Goa State Export Market Development Scheme 2008
In order to encourage Goan industry to improve its export market, financial assistance in the form of interest free loan up to Rs 5 lakh repayable over 5 years, is granted, provided the unit has been in operation for at least five years, has Import/Export Code and its turnover does not exceed Rs 5 crore during preceding 3 years.

For more details please check the scheme of your choice in the drop down menu on this page.


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