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The aims and objectives of DITC are to promote micro, small and medium enterprises/industries thereby creating sustainable employment opportunities mainly for the people of Goa. DITC initiates and actively pursues two principal policies:

Industrial Policy of Goa 2003 This industrial policy seeks to balance industrial development in the State of Goa so that there are no areas of want. The fruits of industrial growth have to be enjoyed by all people of all regions of Goa. A focused approach, a definite direction and effective implementation are the thrust issues of this industrial policy. The policy outlines schemes which will tap into a huge pool of skilled human resources presented by local youth providing them with sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities. All this geared towards promotion of sustained, environment friendly industrial growth.

The policy zeroes in on the strengths of the State and provides a clear direction for industrial growth. It addresses both, the needs of today and those of the future to create prosperity that marches smoothly with the ethos and temperament of the people and unique culture of the State.

For this, the role of the private sector is also very important in the economic development of the State. The Government of Goa would be the facilitator to ensure accelerated growth of industry to encourage global competitiveness and contribute to National GDP growth.

Goa already has in place good infrastructure in terms of road, rail and water connectivity. Yet infrastructural improvement and expansion is an on-going process as is technology upgradation, deregulation of business environment for optimum application of human resources.

The policy document aims at ensuring a facilitative regime that explores and unleashes the energies of the private sector to create an environment in which industry, both existing and new, can prosper. This includes promotion of industries using locally available raw materials; encourage non-polluting export oriented industries; develop entrepreneurs especially in rural and semi-urban areas; encourage participation of women entrepreneurs; promote research and development; and revive sick units.

Information – outlining the current industrial, economic and social scenario in Goa. Mission – to ensure sustainable growth for the local youth and overall economic growth for the State. Objectives – clearly outlined plan to promote industries in ‘thrust areas’ and increase self-employment. Thrust Areas ­– identified thrust areas and the infrastructure to nurture these industries. Strategy – the details of institutional networks and training institutions for providing support to industries, facilitation of registration, and incentives for sick units, subsidies. Monitoring and Review – a high powered committee will oversee and review the implementation of the Industrial Policy


Biotechnology Policy for Goa
The Goa State Investment Subsidy Scheme for Bio Technology Units 2009
This scheme will be applicable to Micro, Small and Medium Bio-technology Units (BT units). The entrepreneur can avail of subsidy for Land & Building, Plant and new Machinery. This document furnishes details of procedures for claiming and disbursement of subsidy, documentation required along with rules and regulations.

THE GOA STATE Interest Subsidy Scheme for Bio Technology Units 2009
In an effort to boost economic growth in the State, the Government of Goa will provide subsidy to Micro and Small Bio-Technology units on interest payable by them. This will be a very attractive incentive to the investors who could then invest more and seek better returns for themselves and for the State. Check out the quantum of subsidy, proper procedure to file claim and disbursement procedure.

GOA STATE Employment Subsidy Scheme FOR BIO-TECHNOLOGY UNITS 2009
This is an effective implementation of the new Bio-Technology Policy which is open to BT units to be set up and BT units already set up in the State of Goa. It is meant to boost industrial growth, increase employment opportunities for local Goan youth and create manpower suitable to the needs of the Industry. Eligibility is extended to new Micro, Small and Medium Bio-Technology Units also sick Micro, Small, Medium and Large Bio-Technology Units. For rules and regulations of Employment Subsidy scheme, period and quantum of subsidy, procedure to file claims and disbursement and procedure for disputes.


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