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Payroll Next is your Smart System, that marks attendance/absenteeism/overtime on your smartphone. You can get all your employee work details with a click of a button.

Payroll Next automates salary calculations, compliances and other HR payheads. It gives you employee cost on your smartscreen.

So you don’t need to hire staff for salary calculations and employee management.

Get Smart with Payroll Next.



Who are we?
We are your next -Gen payroll management service provider. We offer you a comprehensive solution for payroll, bonuses and other compliances for your employees. Now manage all employee information on your fingertips.

What do we do?
We help u collect attendance and mark absenteeism /overtime on a real time basis with a click of a button. The supervisor in charge will be able to do it with a click of a button.
Simply by downloading the app, you get all employee related information, with a click of a button.
Your Site Supervisor can do this for you, on his smartphone.

our services

What We Offer

Time is money

Save time n cost for managing elaborate excels, paperworks for attendance records. Mark attendance on your smartphone.

Accurate Payroll

Helps calculate salary and disburse to employees account. Minimise human error with an intelligent payroll software.

Save Cost

Your attendance is managed with a click. Save cost of training and retaining staff to manage payment processes.


Calculate and Pay HR compliances like PF, ESI, TDS. Upload these files on time, avoid fee/penalty.

Temp Staffing

Place your staff on our pay-roll, we manage all statutory compliances. You get to focus on your core business only.

Save Time

We are experts in this field and can do it for you at ease. Avoid extra hires for managing salary calculations and payments.


Get all the information that you want. Calculate employee costs, create budgets for growth projections / future plans.

Short-Term Plans

Need help with team and payroll for short term projects? Our software is your aide for smooth worker management.

Supervisory Roles

Manage time-in/time-out of workers by your supervisor. He can mark attendance, absenteeism, over-time and much more while supervising workers.

Error Free

Collect all employee attendance information with a click of a button. No back-end staff needed to collate information from different sites or shifts; to be put together for pay-rolling. Seamless app integration to avoid clerical errors caused with manual input of data into the computer.

Remotely Managed

The app integrated with your payroll, gives real-time data on your dashboard. Get all information from your various sites at a glance.

Incredible information

Offers detailed employee details of different sites. Helps assess problems, make project forecasts, manage time-lines and much more.


Important Features
for Our App

Easy to Customize

Just upload attendance, and tell us what you want. We will make the payments and generate all reports for you.

Personalised Support

Our Managers are available at all times to sort out issues, answer queries and offer support when needed.

Payrolling Simplified

The app gets you real time attendance information from all your site managers with just a click.


Important screens
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First screen

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What We Offer

Linking Payroll Software with attendance

This allows you to automatically transfer employee attendance to payroll software and make salary calculations much simpler.

In-depth reporting

The attendance link allows you to understand costs of various departments, across staff and even temp staffing.

Store Personal Data

Update leave records of each employee, and helps calculate leave, bonus etc. So that you don't have to invest in another software for this

Future Forecast

Employee attendance and costs will help with budgetary planning for future expansion.

Salient Features

  • Work out payroll calculations and deductions quicker
  • Generate accurate payslips
  • Calculate bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, etc with minimum effort
  • Send returns to HMRC and other forms for employees
  • Automate certain tasks, such as year-end reporting
  • Reduce the burden of compliance
  • Remove the need to understand complex tax legislation
  • Store data such as payslips and annual reports in a secure, easily accessible system

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